2021 is going to be the year of celebrations once the travel bans and lockdowns are lifted. The world has been shut down for a long time but those who love to travel year around must be planning something. After the pandemic Covid19, the world has a lot of new things you need to consider before you can travel. So if you are looking for some inspiration for some early travel plans the here is a list for you. Check out the top 10 gorgeous places around the world you can safely visit after the pandemic:

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Kenya has incredible landscapes that offer a true definition of “wide-open”. It is far easier these days to find some stylish new hotel that is offering great deals putting Kenya on the hotlist. Kenya reopened its borders in August and is open for visiting now. The way Kenya is handling Covid is quite remarkable. They are being very careful and are imposing rigorous testing requirements along with temperature-taking practices. These days it is much easier to visit the places that you could not see before like Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, or other hotels and places that were always full like Sasaab, Segera, and Angama Mara.

Best Places to Visit:

2.Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is among those places that have the lowest Covid-19 fatality rates. The government has been very responsible and hence recognized for its strong and effective management for the containment of the virus. The country reopened in November 2020 but imposed careful entry requirements. It is imperative in feeling a sense of confidence while traveling these days. The people looking to travel can find adventure here like canopy zip-lining, surfing, whale watching, etc. The country has all the best luxuries to offer enhancing your travel experience. The country is enhancing its luxury offerings including high-touch eco-lodges.

Best Places to Visit:

3.The British Virgin Islands

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This place has always been a paradise for the sailors. It is attractive and popular because of its pristine waters, endless secluded beaches, and breathtaking scenery. It consists of 60-plus mountainous islands that make the horizon much more beautiful. This wonderful tourist location has reopened in December 2020 after Covid. There are many prestigious hotels and properties along with a bunch of private islands to rent. According to travel experts, it is the best time to visit the beautiful British Virgin Islands. Especially after the rebuilding efforts from Hurricane Irma, there have been some incredible additions including Rosewood Little Dix Bay and sailing and having a drink or two at the Soggy Dollar or other Caribbean beach bars.

Best Places to Visit:

4.New Zealand

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New Zealand is on almost every traveller’s bucket list especially those who love the amazing outdoors which are perfect for an isolated escape. It is also one of those responsible countries that dealt with Covid reasonably. If you are looking for sustainable and Covid responsible travelling then this is the perfect country to be travelling to and stay socially distant.

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Many travelers are left dreaming and fantasizing about the gorgeous City of Light because Paris is currently on lockdown. But watching Emily in Paris on Netflix has been a good antidote. Paris is truly irresistible but now there have been some additions. There is a new hotel that just opened such as Cheval Blanc and another neoclassical Hotel Particulier Villeroy on the 8th.

Best Places to Visit:


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Slovenia is a great place to visit besides Italy. Due to Covid related restrictions, it has become a destination of choice for avid travelers in 2021. It is mainly because of the country’s sustainable tourism. Slovenia has been recently named by National Geographic as the world’s most sustainable country. It’s capital Ljubljana is famous for being Europe’s Green Capital. If you are a travel buff and you are a foodie then Slovenia is the perfect heaven for you. The country has been awarded the name “European Region of Gastronomy for 2021” Besides this, Slovenia has a lot more to offer like nature, gorgeous scenery, and a great climate.

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Egypt reopened to travelers in the summer. There are simply too many captivating thing to see. The best travel tip would be to visit for plenty of days so that you can soak in the natural beauty and true essence of this place. One-third of all the world’s antiquities the housed there including one of the original Seven Wonders of the Ancient World; the famously known pyramids at Giza.

Best Places to Visit:

8.The Islands of Tahiti

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Tahiti simply has way too much and see and do. I think is for certain that you will not get bored there. It is the perfect destination for weddings, honeymoons, and milestone celebrations including all those celebrations that were put on hold during Covid lockdowns. The islands of Tahiti especially Bora Bora, are a natural choice for a safe and carefree vacation. It is pristine and has remote and secluded beaches that offer the perfect escape. They are being very responsible and imposing pre-testing requirements for all travellers and a self-test provisioned to them after arriving at the destination. They are also offering a common cancellation policy to avoid any issues that the travellers may face in case of the sudden border closure.

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The Maldives is going to be the hap place for vacation in 2021. There is an array of incredible newly opened hotels and you also get to enjoy seclusion if you choose so. The country has enacted strict Covid procedures and all the resorts and hotels are taking all possible precautions. The Maldives is also going to launch the world’s first destination loyalty program.

Best Places to Visit:

10.Bodrum, Turkey

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With alluring deep turquoise waters and soft long beaches lined with gorgeous tangerine trees, Bodrum is a true heaven for travelers. This Turkish Riviera beach town is underrated but not for long. Bodrum is being considered the new St. Tropez. Bodrum appeals to travelers because you will not be spending any time indoors for there is just so much to enjoy outdoors including open-air restaurants, seaside bars, and beautiful beachfront clubs.

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